Best Selling Author: How to Persuade People...

Insider Information
is about to be revealed by one of the
Magic Industries Top Illusionists...

He has appeared On NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, The WB Network and over 400 television programs in the United States, Canada, South America, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Egypt, Dubai -UAE, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Greece, The UK and in Eastern Europe.

His work has been seen at Six Flags Theme Parks, Holland America, SeaEscape & Carnival Cruise lines as well as thousands upon thousands of private & family events.. AND just completed FOUR consecutive years starring in Disney LIVE! presents Mickey's Magic Show, the BIGGEST touring family illusion show in the WORLD!  And he is an entertainer, who has performed before MILLIONs of people to date!


"A Must Have For EVERY Working Pro Out There!

I was overwhelmed by how easy to use Brad’s course is.  So many easy to use tools.  Brad gives you so much value for the money.  As far as I’m concerned you have two choices, you can  take some extra money you have and buy some more magic for your shelf OR you can take that extra money, buy the course and put some more extra money in your pockets!

You've got to get The IT Factor.
 If you have any questions e-mail me -

John Carlson
Professional Magician & Author
of Big Birthday Party Business

From: International Star IllusionistTM Brad Ross
Tuesday 7:46 PM

Dear Fellow Performer & Friend,

I am about to reveal to you, some of the entertainment industries top secrets. Secrets to becoming a star of magic,dominating your market, being viewed by clients as THE LEADING MAGICIAN/ PERFORMER in your area; and THE ONLY CHOICE when hiring entertainment!

The truth of the matter is, that I went from Mr. Nobody - a kid fresh out of college - to a magical success. Sound too good to be true? YOU'RE RIGHT!

It wasn't overnight.
It took hard work and effort for me to turn my life into a success and transform myself from...





A Magician with BIG DREAMS to...

A Magician
Living his DREAMS...

"So Who the heck is Brad Ross and WHY Should I Listen To Him?

Brad Ross
IS "The One" to
Finally Pull Back The Curtain,
and Reveal Everything You Need to Know to

You may have just discovered Brad, BUT entertainment giants like Disney, Six Flags Theme Parks, Holland America, Seaescape and Carnival Cruise Lines KNOW HIM VERY WELL...and Brad Ross has worked for all of them. He also completed FOUR consecutive years starring in Disney LIVE! presents Mickey's Magic Show - which brought Brad's magic to MILLIONS of people in 25 countries around the world!

So how did a quiet, Jewish kid from New Jersey land all these big gigs and gain all this success by the age of 25?

The same way another Jewish kid from New Jersey did... a kid with dreams, drive, and a thirst for success ... the same way a kid named David Seth Kotkin did... someone you may know as,David Copperfield.

Well, much like David Copperfield, Brad had no one to turn to in his family for advice on show business...

So, he did it the hard way - he went out and educated himself.

It’s NOT what you know NOW, that counts…

Hi! I am Brad Ross and I’m about to share a break-through program that will let loose all the secrets, tips, tricks, systems and methods Celebrities and Stars have used for years, both in and outside the magic community. These techniques are the EXACT same things I did, to become THE MOST IN-DEMAND & MOST SUCCESSFUL entertainer in my market!

The information I am going to share with you is a proven system, that will allow you to make MORE money,POSITION YOURSELF IN YOUR MARKET AS THE STAR,GAIN STATUS, add premium services to your already existing business and drive your competition nutz!

In addition to all that - I'm going to be by your side as your guide on this journey of success.

Before we go any further, let me tell you this -

I KNOW what it feels like to have a dream
and have NO IDEA how to make it a REALITY.

The fact of the matter is, that no matter who you are, how long you’ve been in magic, whether your young or old, from the north, south, east or west, I can prove to you readily by demonstration that you are not living the career you deserve.

What I'm about to share with you will cross all age and experience boundaries - and it doesn't matter if you are a FULL-TIME Pro, a part time performer or brand new to magic.

Ray Brown
Houston, Texas

I want the opportunity to show you the way in which you may COMPLETELY and EASILY, without inconvenience or wasted time,come in possession of new passion for your life and your magic.

A sense of incredible pride in your work, because WHEN you look, act and work like a pro, you will lead the life and MAKE THE MONEY of a pro.

Over the years, I’ve invested literally thousands and thousands of dollars and countless hours in my direct marketing and promotions education.  I’ve taken the time to invest in my education and therefore invest in my career as a performer.

It Seems Like Every "Simple, Little Thing"
You Need To Know, Takes A Substantial
Amount of Time and A LOT of Money, right?

It's just not fair... is it?  Well, take it from me, it took me a long while to take all of the tid-bits of info and blend them together into a system that can effectively and repeatedly book shows, build my client database and in turn, create enough income to support myself and the lifestyle I enjoy living.

Wouldn’t you enjoy:

Knowing that after month, your calendar will be filled…

Having a steady client database that continually re-books you for return engagements, and passes your name along to their friends & family...

Knowing all the insider secrets that the pros of our industry use to get knockout promo materials and phenomenal booking tools…

Possessing a SLEW of awesome testimonials that you can fire off to prospects at the drop of a hat, to properly showcase your UNIQUE TALENT and Success…

A ROCKIN’ demo video/ DVD that is guaranteed to show you off like nothing else  on this planet… A Demo video that CAN & WILL book you into schools, corporate events, theme parks, cruise ships, etc...


Sukuma Avery - Trade Show & Corporate Entertainer
Las Vegas, NV

"I just finished the IT Factor - Great stuff, very high energy and informative.  I've spent 20 years and literally thousands of dollars on marketing information that you've been able to put into one course.

If I had it all to do over again, your course would be the first and only course I would invest in. If you're serious about what it takes to succeed in this business, then the It Factor is for you."

Brian Eslick
Houston, TX

How would you like an

I’m going to introduce you
to a one of a kind,
totally unique, NO B.S.
Marketing Home Study Course


It's a tool kit for EVERY WORKING PRO with the desire to skyrocket their career, dominate their market and achieve celebrity status as a performer.


Ken Scott - Professional Magician
Atlanta, GA

Mike Clarke
The KIDS Magician
Bristol, England

“The best way I can describe this course is like a Tony Robbins Personal Power Program SPECIFICALLY For Magicians.

Everything in your course is useful and useable.  This is such GREAT STUFF!

If you want to make money as a magician GET THIS COURSE!  Two options - basic or deluxe - no one wants to be a basic celebrity everyone wants to be the ULTIMATE Celebrity.  Invest the extra money in the Deluxe.  It’s worth the extra price just for the CD’s you get with it… get the Deluxe Course…Become A Celebrity…"

Mike Clarke
Bristol, England

With the help of Brad Ross' IT FACTOR
Hollywood Actor &
Michael Stellman
went from messenger routes,
delivering scripts in Los Angeles...
making $7 an hour, to this...

Here's What You'll Discover Inside the 11lbs Box
that Will Arrive at Your Door in a Matter of Days...

REMEMBER this is only a small sample of what you will POUR OUT OF THE IT FACTOR box when you unpack the contents:

Manual with more than 250 PAGES CHOCK FULL of valuable PROVEN information that is a MUST for any performing working FULL TIME or HOPING to work full time.
Even if you want to make a few extra bucks and work part time, THIS COURSE WILL SHOW YOU HOW! 

The Secrets of IBM - Image Based Marketing: the secret of MY SUCCESS in the magic business.   How & why you need to impliment this technique to really see results.  This is something NO ONE ELSE TEACHES!

You WILL learn how to use tips, tricks, systems andinsider know how to create the illusion that you are a magical CELEBRITY in your market and you are THE ONLY choice when booking a magician!

A Complete Guide Book teaching you how to properly run an entertainment office. Perfect for the beginner and a GREAT brush up tool for the full time pro.

How to get KICK BUTT promo materials that will quite literally KICK YOUR COMPETITIONS BUTT and MAKE THEM SWEAT!!!!!!

How to write a KILLER SALES LETTER, that WILL get you booked

The TRUTH about how to PROPERLY put together a professional looking promotional packet.

How to create a KILLER WEBSITE that makes your prospects BEG you to perform for them, for TOP DOLLAR and AT YOUR CONVENIENCE!

TONS OF closely guarded secrets about:





And the list goes on and on………….
"The It Factor... like a college degree in performing."
Tim Hannig - of "Pro Kids Show"
Chicago, IL

"Thank you so much...I've been looking for the next thing....something that would take me to the next level & turn me into a celebrity in my market.  This is it!   Being a celebrity in the market is a GREAT BUSINESS STRATEGY. 

I'm only 22 years old but I'm totally confident that within the next year I will be a FULL TIME PERFORMER making WAY more than I ever could at any starting job after college. You talk about things that nobody else talks about.  Brad you really helped me out!

Matthew James Versteeg
Naples, FL

"I was amazed at all the stuff I got.  I discovered a marketing course for magicians that I had never seen before.  From A to Z Brad Covers all the secrets to becoming a celebrity within your local market..really REALLY amazing! 

I've been performing for over 20 years - I would have loved this course back then - it would have saved me alot of time & money and made me alot of momey. 

I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the IT FACTOR and the number of amazing resources I had never heard of before.  I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND the IT FACTOR.

David Farr
Minneapolis, MN
Amazing System For Magicians

"Listen, pull your credit card all the way out and buy "The IT Factor."  Then, after it arrives you can do what I am doing...LEARNING!   Now keep in mind that I just moved back home to New Jersey, my wife had a baby and we bought a house.  I'm kind of a busy guy.  I set aside 1-Hour a night to sit in a quiet room and go through the course and listen to the tapes.

Brad has really done his homework on this stuff and the success he has achieved using what he teaches speaks for itself.  I know you will find some great ideas that will help you make more money and go that full time route.

I've bought a lot of courses but with everything that Brad included I don't think you'll be disappointed.  It's awesome!"

Mark Wurst
Orange County, CA

Edward Upthegrove


Michael Messing
Knoxville, TN

The information you receive in this ‘tell-all’ course is not the same stuff you’ve been hearing. 
I’m not going to teach you the same, old, tired techniques published in the
magic magazines and the rehashed "stuff" that so called "gurus" are recycling.

The techniques I teach you are about promoting yourself beyond belief.  These are NO B.S. METHODS that I have used and STILL USE to turn potential clients into RAVING FANS who not only book you, but beg you to appear at their event.

This is a new school of thought.
No one has taught you about the image of celebrity…

Image Based Marketing

That's Right... I take Good, Solid
and blend that with
Image Based Marketing Tools
to Create the Illusion of Celebrity.

Derek Raposo
Boston, MA

The illusion of celebrity as I have named it, is just that - an illusion. In our business, we look at the well know magicians and illusionists like Jeff McBride, Andre Kole, The Pendragons, The Majestics, Rick Thomas, Darren Romeo, etc. as our stars.

However to the rest of the world, the general public has NO idea who they are. If you asked a crowd of 1,000 people at random, who is Andre Kole, they would have no clue. The minute you’re in a magic environment, these names are indeed OUR self proclaimed stars.  And this isn’t a  bad thing at all.  In fact it’s quite helpful for YOU!

You see, as a hard working REAL WORLD professional, the general public has no idea how much of a celebrity you are, since there are very few REALLY famous magicians.

As far as they know you are the next biggest star in the world of magic;  And that is exactly what you want them to think.

I have based and structured my course around this school of thought. In short, to carry the
title of celebrity, you don't have to be a house-hold name or be known by millions, but you must:

1. carry the confidence
2. the air
3. the style
4. the polish
5. the professionalism
6. the publicity and social proof
7. GOOD SOLID MARKETING that comes with the territory


I can teach you how to do 7 out of the 8 of those components... the talent part, well my friend, you have to hone that on your own.  And YES, you MUST FIRST have a GREAT PRODUCT aka a great show.   

Louis Meyer - Professional Magician
Alexandria, VA 

I know you’re thinking that no one will see you as a star.  That NEGATIVE thinking is exactly what people like Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison and Walt Disney DID NOT DO. Look at these 3 examples:

Jordan was kicked OFF his high school basketball team - but he didn't give up!


Edison failed hundreds of times before he created the light bulb - but he didn't give up!


Disney was FIRED from his first job as a newspaper writer, because they
said he didn't have any good ideas and lacked imagination.

AND - Walt Disney's first production company went bankrupt - but he didn't give up!
Negative thinking will get you NOTHING
but a one way ticket to a place called NOWHERE!

Trust me, the general public will not only see you as a star...
but treat you as one and pay you a star level MONEY,

Family entertainers have it the easiest.  The kids make you the instant celebrity.

When I performed my illusion show at Six Flags, the mobs of kids (and adults) waiting for autographs and to take pictures was overwhelming and completely flattering.  While on tour with Disney LIVE! I would sometimes forget how many people are watching me on stage every day.  I still get caught off guard when people come up to me on the street
or in a restaurant & ask to take a photo or get a piece of paper signed.

But guess what?  I’m just me - plain old Brad... born & raised in Scotch Plains, NJ.  But to them - the audience - I am a superstar.  AND YOU ARE TOO!

Whether you do school shows, birthdays, cruise ships or day cares - it doesn't matter; when you walk out on that stage with the right flare & style, you can and will be a celebrity. If you are reading this and are thinking "naw, I'm just a kids show magician or just a school
show guy" YOU ARE WRONG To the kids out there, to your audience, YOU ARE A STAR!

Think about it...

and listen to what another Internationally Known Illusionist and the star of the new Ringling Brothers Circus, Illucination has to say about what he learned & what he achieved from Brad Ross' It Factor System.

NOW, you can get the same kind of results,
as David DaVinci (aka Dave Womach).

The entire program is EASY TO USE and so simple to follow. I have created a course is broken down into sections and best of all, I have taken all the guesswork out of creating your IT Factor.  I’m going to be your personal style coach, your promotional department, your marketing deptartment, your critical eye in terms of your magical career and your personal success coach any time you open the course or listen to the audio files.

Now, there are THREE (3) critical components of the course.



You must be knowledgeable about what it is you seek to achieve.  If you want to be a star in the world of magic, you must first understand what the heck does that mean.  So you take the time to educate yourself, which you are already doing by reading this special report.  See how easy it is - you’re on your way already!




You need to study.  Take the time necessary to educate yourself about areas you know little or nothing about.

For example if you are not a fashionable guy, that’s fine.  But don’t just say  “I’m not fashionable and I’m just gonna dress how I always dress.”

If you know you’re just a t-shirt & jeans kinda guy - that’s great, but seek out the help you need to spruce up your wardrobe skills and learn how to dress for success at your shows.  Your costume sets the ENTIRE tone as soon as you walk out on stage and as soon as the client meets you.  It’s VERY IMPORTANT.  In the appearance section of the  IT Factor - I teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about HOW To Dress For SUCCESS!




Here we are going to use examples.  Examples of successful people - magicians - doing what it is you want to do.  Perhaps you are a birthday party magician and you wanna rule your market within a 50 mile radius.  Well don’t seek out the help of a birthday party performer at the local magic club, doing 4 shows a month for help - even if he tells you what you want to hear.

Seek out the help from those who you aspire to be like.  Chances are that if someone
did it once, you have a pretty good chance of recreating their steps and doing it again.

Trust me here, this isn’t BS!  I did it and it worked for me.  It can also WORK FOR YOU!

Now you can try to learn everything on your own…try to create your own systems and promo materials…learn by trail & error (like I did). 
You can spend thousands of dollars the WONG marketing courses and waste a lot of time and energy trying to adapt these materials to your magic business (like I did), hoping you will become a star over night.


You can use a system designed specifically for magicians and entertainers that is 100% guaranteed and has already been proven
to be wildly effective by other people all over the world.

"My It Factor System reveals how you can quickly and easily make yourself into a pro…a celebrity who has “IT.”  And at the same time book more shows & make more money.  It’s easy.  It’s professional.  IT WORKS - POINT BLANK!  But you'll never know unless you give it a try. -Brad Ross

Jason Hudy
Livonia, MI

It's simple.  There are FOUR SECTIONS to The ‘IT’ Factor.  Let me wet your appetite and briefly explain each:

I’m going to get you grounded.  I don't care what you heard in the past, who you've studied, but right now, today - once and for all, it’s time someone educated you and then encouraged you.  In this first section I explain how we will journey together to the world of Success and Stardom.

You’re going to learn about “The J Word” and how this little, simple  and   crazy technique will get you pumped, juiced, and ready to take massive action  It’s the fuel for my fire and any time I get down or  am feeling lazy…I follow my own advise and use this technique.  It’s THAT powerful.

How to boost YOUR SELF ESTEEM.  Let’s face it, in people throw around the phrase - “…it’s not personal - it’s  business…”  But in our business, we are THE BUSINESS so it hurts when we don’t  get booked or when business is slow.  I’m going to  teach you how to motivate yourself so you can feel like a million bucks!

I’ll teach you the TOP 10 reasons people FAIL - and how you can avoid them and make a change in YOUR LIFE so that you will  NEVER be one of those failing people.

Most Importantly I'll show you what you need to do each step of the way, to achieve ANYTHING YOU WANT - NO KIDDING!

In this next section of The ‘IT’ Factor I will teach you the VERY IMPORTANT and essential systems, tips, tricks and hints…

YOU NEED TO KNOW in order to Organize Your Business and Your Career.


You’ll learn the importance of BRANDING &  POSITIONING yourself so that you are THE ONLY CHOICE for a client who is calling to book     entertainment.  No more of this BS where someone calls looking to “hire A magician…”  No way - you want them calling to ‘HIRE YOU,” and I’m going to show you how to do that.

You’ll learn how to properly run an entertainment office.  This is so critical to your success.  No one can properly work as a professional and become a star without having the correct tools and  most of those tools lie in your office, so I’m going to take you by the hand and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know  in order to run your office both physically and mentally!

You’ll learn the best ways to get KICK BUTT promo materials and  how to CORRECTLY put together a professional looking promotional  packet.  This is also KEY in becoming a success in entertainment and magic.  If you  want people to take you seriously you need to represent yourself as the star you claim to be. 

No one is going to pay top dollar for a guy who send his brochure out printed on a home computer on newsprint or a guy who has business cards printed on perforated edge paper.  BUT DON’T WORRY, I’ll take you step by step and tell you EVERYTHING you need to put  together an AWESOME Promo Packet.

You’re going to learn the importance of using a logo and designing a business ‘look, so that you can show off as the most professional & “WELL put-together” magician out there!

You’ll learn how to get a website made and maintained effectively based on YOUR NEEDS.  None of this old school web thought and philosophy.  NO WAY - this
is the truth about what you DO and DON’T need on your website.

You’re going to possess the most amazing secrets of producing a top notch demo video complete with voice over, credits and more.  If this doesn’t blow your competition out of the water, nothing will!  The secrets I will share with you were passed on to me by my friend, Mr. Dean Hankey...MASTER MARKETER, PROMOTER, MAGICIAN and HECK of a GOOD GUY!

Secret ways to get Testimonials from clients and members of your audiences.  The voice of the audience is the most powerful selling tool  you have.  Because it's not
you talking about you, it’s the PUBLIC talking about YOU!

EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about PHOTOS, from how to get great shots to, when and where to use pictures to effectively market you to questions you need to ask professional photographers when hiring them.  I even give you photo release forms.  REMEMBER - photos are the visual tools you NEED to get BOOKED!  Yes, sales letters work, but ADD PHOTOS, and THEY WORK EVEN BETTER!

I even take you step by step in working with a graphic designer and explain the pros & cons and my recommendations on how you can make the most out of your graphic designers time to save you MONEY!


This next section will take you through the process of how to look like a star.  This is so often over looked by so many magicians, that it's sad.  Don’t allow yourself to be one of those poorly dressed, clumpy, dumpy looking tricksters out there.  Follow my style tips and you’re gonna be one fine lookin’ dude (or dudette)

How to costume and groom yourself to LOOK HOT!  There will be no question that you are a star.  Nothing is left to chance here, I’ll take you step by step to creating a look that’s appropriate for yourself and how to easily maintain it.

I’ll teach you PROFESSIONAL Hollywood and Broadway tricks of costume and wardrobe professionals that will keep you fresh, clean, lean, and mean when you’re getting ready for a show.  These tips & tricks will also save you time and LOTS of money!

You'll even learn how to improve your physical appearance by way of working out and a proper way to keep in shape.  Tons of tips on keeping our instrument (our body) tuned up.  After all, if your body isn't ready to work - you can't make those big bucks.  WE ARE THE PRODUCT.

You’re going to learn the single most important tip that separates the MEN  from the BOYS - so to speak.  The extra mile that will take you from  average Joe magician to SUPERSTAR!


In the final section, I’ll reveal the ULTIMATE SECRETS to working as a pro and becoming a star!

Do you sound like a pro?  All the questions you’ve had about sound  systems and selecting the right one will be answered.  We’ll cover everything from speakers to PA’s to mics and more.  You’re not just gonna look like a star - YOU’RE GONNA SOUND LIKE ONE.

You’ll learn about a special added bonus I bring to each and every show, no matter how big or small.  It allows me to have a professional look that drives my competition CRAZY - how fun is that!   And it allows my clients to have entertainment that goes the extra mile just for them.

Part of being a star is about treating your clients like stars and we’re going to go over every detail of how you can deliver KNOCK OUT Customer Service and keep your clients coming back to you because you are the only magician they want to deal with!  

You’re gonna hear the real deal about GUARANTEES.  How to use  them to effectively book you more gigs and not burn you!

Marketing and promotions don’t just stop when you book the show. We’re going to go in detail and teach you all the added things you  need to start doing in order to continue marketing before, during and after you show.  By using these methods you will book more shows, get more repeat clients and convert more leads into shows. 


This is KILLER STUFF that I guarantee the top guys in your market don’t want you to know.  Don't think about it...JUST LEARN IT!


My Superstar ROLODEX that will give you all my secret sources for everything I use.  Knock-out promo materials, photos, give -aways, resources, books, websites - the whole enchilada!  ALL YOURS for the taking!!!!

This rolodex is worth the entire price of this course - trust me when you see how much time and money you save by using my resources.  They’re gonna knock your socks off!

PLEASE, don’t just take my word for the success that lives in the pages of The ‘IT’ Factor. ...

Magicians, Family Entertainers, DJ's and Show Business People EVERYWHERE... [In the USA, MEXICO, ENGLAND, CANADA, JAPAN, The UAE, ITALY, AUSTRALIA and GERMANY] are RAVING about this awesome new roadmap tosuccess and stardom: Sukuma Avery is an IT FACTOR MEMBER and just look at his list of clients since investing in the system back in 2005:


"I have a success story.  For years I've been trying to book my hometown fair and for years they always looked at me as a hometown boy.

After 9 years, of trying, I implemented steps from your IT FACTOR...I had confidence from your IT FACTOR...I put together a killer promotional packet... they called me right away, impressed by my kit & video...when I gave 'em my price - they said 'Sukuma - You Got It Buddy!'

The fair looks at me as a celebrity now.  I recommend your course for everyone!

Sukuma Avery
Seattle, WA

"I Love Brad's approach... he motivates me to achieve the results I want... all of his advice is easy to understand & follow... an immense amount of useful information, professionalism and insight.

From Brad, I've gained an understanding of how important it is to go the extra mile.  In fact I will be changing my ENTIRE website because I so strongly agreed with Brad's advise.  Brad is the man to go to about anything to do with marketing yourself as an entertainer!

Damien Carriere
British Columbia, Canada

“I've been in the entertainment business for over 30 years.  I wish there was something THIS GOOD when I was starting out.

This is the best course on the market hands down. You're giving away TOO MUCH GOOD INFORMATION for the price you're charging.

Jimmy Brown
Lake George, NY
Resident Magician
Magic Forrest Amusement Park

"I've read your IT Factor Materials and they're great!  I can't tell you how much it motivates me to work hard.

The most important part of the materials is the concept of hard work.  I know lots of local magicians that want lots of work, but don't work hard at it. 

You have a new & fresh approach that I like very much...I'm so excited to continue working on the course."

Trevor Wyatt
Sacramento, CA

“How can someone not listen to Brad Ross – he’s the only celebrity I know!”

Dean Ansari
Plainfield, NJ



YES!!!!  I promise you can.

According to my friends and colleagues in the direct marketing business, a customized marketing systems, like The ‘IT’ Factor, for other professions like doctors, lawyers, home business owners, etc. can cost $995, $1595 and even more!!!  They have all suggested I sell my system at least $895.  But I said NO.  I want to offer this system to the magic community at  HUGE SAVINGS…

Since you actually took the time out of your busy schedule to respond to one of my messages and READ THIS PAGE, I’m going to make an offer at a REALLY LOW PRICE... A price so low you’re going to think I’ve suffered brain damage…

You can invest in your business RIGHT NOW, and STOP wishing, hoping and dreaming about the career you desire.  You can stop waiting for the phone to ring and get The ‘IT’ Factor today for only $399.00 and MAKE that phone RING!

OR  take advantage of our Economic Stimulus Package for Magicians - where you can spread (3) THREE easy installments of ONLY $133.00 30 days apart -NO INTEREST- guaranteed.  I know money is tight these days - and I've been in your shoes before.

Which ever option works best for you,
GRAB THIS and start the journey of success today!

I truly hope that you are as serious as I think you are about making some big money in entertainment and making your dream come true of being a star of magic.  I hope you make the right decision to check my stuff out and put it to work for you.  After all its only $399.00…I’m sure you've paid more for a single Magic Trick or a weekend hotel stay in a big city at a magic convention.

Even if you get just ONE good technique, ONE good idea, or ONE good strategy out of my materials, the additional bookings you get will repay you many, many, many times what you’ve invested.  But I promise you'll get MORE than just one.

Seriously, how many gigs do you need to book to just make back the investment for this course…ONE?  MAYBE TWO?

Isn’t your future success as a professional in your market worth it?

Trevor Wyatt
Sacramento, CA

In this Mini Course - you’ll learn The Secrets of Publicity and how to get articles, spots on TV News shows etc.  Totally phenomenal information from one of the countries TOP PUBLICITY GURU’s, Paul Hartunion.  When this guys talks, people listen!

[Retail Value $ 69.00] But now it’s yours FREE
If you do birthday parties, this is an actual section of my complete course on creating goodie bags & giveaways – the secret to making a ton of cash in the birthday biz...which is an absolute must have! 

You'll receive a section on Give-Aways that has been lifted right out of my files for this course - think of it as a little sample with lots of punch!

[Retail Value $ 29.95] But now it’s yours FREE

How would you like to DOUBLE YOUR INCOME with something you’re already doing???  Sound too good to be true?  You will now have a MINI-Course including manual and TWO AUDIO CDS that reveal how I double my income every year by selling product after my shows.  This mini course tells you everything A to Z, including how to sell back of the room products, how to get them cheap, customize them cheap and much more.  YOU CAN DOUBLE YOUR INCOME WITH BACK OF ROOM SALES - TRUST ME - I DO IT ALL THE TIME!!!!

[Retail Value $ 97.00] But now it’s yours FREE
Seriously - this bonus alone - will yield results that triple your investment in my whole IT Factor System!

As part of our ongoing effort to work together and assist you to be the best magician you can be, you’ll receive 4 - 15 minute phone consultations – and those of you who know me – I am pretty generous with time on the phone – you know I love to gab!


[Retail Value $ 395.00] But now it’s yours FREE

As of now - I am going to offer you the IT FACTOR System with everything we just discussed, plus 10 - that’s right count ‘em up TEN ROCKIN’ BONUSES!  These 10 bonuses are sooo prime and sooo sweet, I should sell them alone as a separate package!

I’m gonna give you more…

BONUS Materials...
Worth the
of THIS System!

I think you'll agree that I've LOST MY HEAD
for giving away SO MUCH! 
Just LOOK!

You can learn how to customize your show to fit any occasion with this BONUS CD where Brad Ross Interviews WILDLY SUCCESSFUL Children’s Magician Tony Daniels. 

Tony BOOKS over 500 library shows EVERY YEAR!!!!!!  If you do any kind of childrens, school, library or family performing you better LISTEN UP to this dude - he knows what he is talking about!

[Retail Value $ 47.00] But now it’s yours FREE

Yet another bonus CD interview with a well known magician and ventriloquist John Carlson – a retired NYC Cop who had a real dummy for a partner during his 21 years on the NYPD. 

John is a real working pro - who went from a few gigs a month to 500 shows a year - ALL WHILE  WORKING PART TIME AS A COP! NOT TO BE MISSED INTERVIEW!

[Retail Value $ 47.00] But now it’s yours FREE

A copy of my ebook,Goal Realization MADE EASY!"

It's true that an "Apple a day will keep the doctor away..." 


A Goal a Day Keeps SUCCESS Coming YOUR WAY!

How To Easily Achieve All Your Seemingly Unreachable Goals and Experience the True Happiness You’ve Always Longed For, No Matter How Disoriented You May Be Today!

[Retail Value $ 47.00] But now it’s yours FREE

A Copy of my book, "PERSUASIVE COPYWRITING SECRETS For Magicians"

In this paperback book, I show you how you can write your own persuasive sales copy, website
content, ads and more that produce GREAT RESULTS without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in hiring a copywriter to have the task done for you.

[Retail Value $35.00] But now it’s yours FREE

You'll get a copy of my ebook, "How to Read and Make Body Movements for Maximum Success" 

This book will teach you how to Efficiently Decode People’s Inner Feelings and Emotions Through Their Body Movements, and How You Can Use This Knowledge to Succeed in Your Career, Relationships, and Personal Life!”

[Retail Value $37.00] But now it’s yours FREE

A copy of my ebook,Mailing List Magic Secrets, where I'll teach you how to create your own successful E-zine (or newsletter) where your subscribers are interested in what you have to say, and they have every darn good reason to listen to you.

* Make your money from several ways possible with your mailing list!

* Get targeted subscribers into your mailing list by the truckloads!

* Get repeat customers.

* Create a system that does most of the work for you!

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Ever wanna see what a professionally produced demo video looks like?  A video that  was created with some of our industries TOP PROFESSIONALS??? 

You’re going to receive my complete promotional DVD that I send you to clients.  You’ll see what I use to book Theme Parks, Cruise Ships, Fairs, Festivals, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Expositions, & Schools - not to mention my World Tour with Disney!

If you want to work venues like ships, theme parks, tours, variety shows, TV, theaters, etc... YOU NEED A DEMO VIDEO!  This is the only demo video formula you want!

[Retail Value $97.00] But now it’s yours FREE

ME - IN - A - BOX
To show you how dedicated I am to becoming your personal coach on your stairway to stardom, I want to be there as a support each step of the way.  It's like getting Me in a Box!

It’s for this reason why I offer you unlimited e-mail support.  I want to be your coach to
guide you on the road to success.  You e-mail me your questions and I will e-mail you back within 48 hours .

My friends think I am CRAZY to offer this much of my time, but I want you to know that I am  SERIOUS about YOUR SUCCESS!

Personal Coaches charge anywhere from $375.00 a month... on UP - for an hour of consultation, once a month.  My coaching fee for 6 weeks is $595.00. Divide that by 6 = $99 per week for a full year = $5148.00

YOU ARE GETTING UNLIMITED ACCESS to ME - MY TIME.  NO MATTER where I am touring in the world with my show - we will work on your career.

AND REMEMBER - the email support is UNLIMITED - as much as you want - as many questions as you want...

[Retail Value But now it’s yours FREE FOR LIFE!

Terry Owens
Fort Wayne, IN

"WOW is all I can say…I think your idea of going audio is a fantastic idea. It does save you time by not having to type everything, and getting your thoughts and impressions as you were experiencing them made your input that much more valuable to me…that evaluation is worth the price of the course alone.

If I didn’t get direct honest feedback, then I hired the wrong person to be a coach…you get an A+ for your evaluation. Very, very informative and useful and as you talked I was implementing changes. Thank you so much for taking time, I know you’re very busy, and I’m just blown away with the valuable amount of information you shared in that short of time."

Terry Owens

Fort Wayne, IN

My complete booking system is now yours. I’m including the contracts, contract rider and a slew  of other forms I use to secure bookings in a professional manner.  I have invested thousands of dollars in layer fees, graphic designer fees, computer programs, etc.

Do you know how valuable it is to have professional put together documents like contracts and confirmation letters?!?

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I know you are busy - we all are.  Who has time to sit down & read my course.  That's why I put it all on AUDIO CD that you can download into your iPod or listen to on the way to shows.

I Think I REALLY DID lose my head - you may think so too - CAUSE YOU already HAVE A BOATLOAD OF STUFF, but this TOO is yours…

[Retail Value $ 197.00] But now it’s yours FREE

WOW!  I can’t believe all that is going to be yours!!!  I am GIVING YOU 

$6,294.90 worth of FREE BONUSES!!!!!!!!!!!

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MAKE 2010 a year of SUCCESS!!!!

AND - You Simply Can’t Lose With My 100%Iron Clad, Totally Serious Money Back Guarantee…


Dean Hankey

Guarantee - I am giving you a risk free trial of 90 days - that’s right 3 FULL MONTHS to use my systems and listen to all the CD’s as well as try out the materials.

Brennan Pimpinella
New York

My Better Than SOLID GOLD
5 X's Guarantee

1. I guarantee that once you invest in this system and learn what I can teach you,you will in fact be able to look me in the eye and say, "Brad you were 100% right - you said I could do it and I DID IT!"

2. I guarantee, when this system arrives at your door, you will be blown away bythe quality of the materials that pour out of the 11 lbs box.

3. I guarantee, that I will be here to support you, help you and guide you in any way I can on this journey of success.  I promise to offer assistance and suggestions that are HONEST and straight forward.  I will NEVER take advantage of you.

4. I guarantee that I am giving you a risk free trial of 90 days - that’s right 3 FULL MONTHS to read the manual, all the books, use my systems, try my tools & materials and listen to all the CD’s.

At the end of the 3 month period - if you can look me in the eye or call me on the phone to tell me that you have not recouped your small investment, with proof that you tried my IT FACTOR system and NOTHING WORKED, than I WILL REFUND YOU what you paid less s/h.  Even if you’ve used up the certificates and consultations, I will STILL HONOR MY WORD and REFUND YOUR MONEY less s/h.

But it doesn't end there. 

5.  I will also guarantee that if you are not happy with my system after ANOTHER 9 MONTHS - and you can prove that you actually used all my materials, systems and techniques... and if you can tell me that you did not make back your tiny investment of $399.00 - with proof -
EVEN AFTER a FULL YEAR OF TRYING, then I have failed you and you may return it for a FULL REFUND (less s/h) - even after a FULL YEAR!  I think that is MORE than fair.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is!

BUT you have to try - if you don't plan on trying it out...
I'm serious - don't order.

Do yourself a favor...

Order today, take advantage of the bonuses, special offers and TRY IT OUT

Show yourself that this system is all I
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Take YOUR Career Into Your OWN HANDS..
TAKE the Bull by the Horns in 2010
Take Massive Action Now…

Remember that The “IT” Factor is a complete marketing system filled with TONS of tricks, tips, tools, systems and strategies to turn you into a market dominating celebrity.  I will be teaching you how I have used Direct Marketing with Image Based Marketing to create a career I am PROUD OF!  You can think of my IT Factor System as a transformational marketing department in a box!

Be prepared my friend, you are going to be the hottest commodity in your market!  Don't just agree with me and then sit there. 

Take massive action and order your IT Factor program now

I've made my offer..

I wish you all the luck and success in the world!
all my best,

Brad Ross
International Star Illusionist TM

P.S. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could skyrocket your career and become a celebrity that everyone wants to book for their event?  How cool would it be to get rid of those customers who call up searching for lowest prices and cheap magicians?  Would you love to stop wasting money and time on bad promotional items that do nothing?  Finally how would you like to have the systems, tools, and information necessary to give you the fastest results from every dollar you spend on advertising, marketing, promotions and press?  Creating a successful career  has never been so easy...

You Can Do It...


P.P.S. Jay Schmidt from New Orleans just e-mailed me this morning with the following comments…(As a student of the IT FACTOR system, you’ll get results like these too, guaranteed!)

Since implementing the information in your course, my phone has literally been ringing off the hook.  I thought it was all hearsay when I ordered the course, but I can honestly say, YOU ARE ‘DA MAN BRAD!  As a fully skeptical buyer, receiving your Deluxe IT FACTOR system has transformed my business in a matter of weeks.  I’m thrilled with The IT Factor.   Thanks Brad!”

Jay Schmidt,
New Orleans, LA

Last P.S.  Check out this testimonial that came in only days after Jason Hudy of Livonia, MI, received my It Factor system in the mail:

“Your course really is awesome, It's revolutionizing my business. It is just what I needed.”

Jason Hudy
Livonia, MI



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